Northeast Rc Connection  is dedicated to the Rc community.We are here to provide Rc resources and other valuable information regarding the Rc hobby.We will be updating and adding new content as we continue to grow this site.So please be patient with us as we add more material to make you experience with us a great one.Our intentions at Northeast Rc Connection is to try to get more people in the northeast involved in the Rc hobby so it can continue to grow.We are in the process of building  2 outdoor tracks to provide a place for the Rc community to run their nitro powered Rc vehicles.Since there isn't many outdoor tracks close by that run the Nitro Rc's we thought it was a great idea to help more people get  involved in Rc racing.We are currently working on the dirt oval track and will be starting the off-road track soon as well.We will be posting pictures of the progress of the tracks soon.Please check back for progress reports.The dirt oval track will be similiar to our test track but the straights will be about 30' longer.You can find some pictures of the test track in the Rc Test Track section.
 Northeast Rc Connection
Northeast Rc Connections  is accepting donations so we can switch to a better domain for easier access for all our visitors.Any donations are greatly appreciated,  Thanks from Northeast Rc Connections
Whether your just starting out or been into Rc's for awhile we can also custom paint your ride the way you want it..If you have any questions on having your custom paint done feel free to contact me at

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